100 million passenger trips a year by 2017

With 825 new Aucklanders every week in the same amount of space, we need to find and fund well thought-out solutions to fit more people into our city. This means making public transport, cycling, and walking as safe and viable alternatives to driving. 

Auckland Council (through Auckland Transport) plays an absolutely crucial role in ensuring people can move around the city to live, work, and play.

If elected, I will work towards


Light Rail To the AIrport

I advocate light rail to the Airport along Dominion Road and other key main roads (e.g. Mt Eden & Sandringham) because it kills three birds with one stone: -


Creating Viable Transport Alternatives

To minimise gridlock and strain on services, we must provide Aucklanders with suitable alternative modes of transport to driving their own vehicle

In Council, I will improve alternative modes of transport by: -

  • Encouraging the construction of safe cycleways 
  • Ensuring the continued development of the Rapid Transit Network 
  • Maintaining links with local communities to ensure your needs are being met

Intelligent Funding For the Transport Plan

Public transport projects (including those in the agreed plan) cost a lot of money and ratepayers are already struggling with the burden. This funding gap will need to be sorted as expenses come up.

In Council, I will seek to source funding through: -

  • Encouraging intensification to increase the rate base
  • Financing long-term growth with long-term tools such as infrastructure bonds
  • Remaining open to working with Central Government, whichever party happens to be in power