Safer communities together

Safety and security are fundamental to the well-being of Aucklanders. In addition to high resolution rates of crimes committed, we want to be able to prevent criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

Prevention first should be Council's operating strategy. We will align council resources to complement Government focus and provide well-lit, well-designed public spaces to enhance safety and security for residents.

If elected, I will promote safer communities through



As people feel included and are invested in a community, they are less likely to participate in anti-social behaviour. Council and communities have a great incentive to develop inclusiveness within their communities.  

In Council, I will help build closer-knit communities by: -

  • Provide support for volunteer and community groups across Auckland
  • Delegating more power to local boards to enable local answers to local issues
  • Collaborating with community groups on urban design such as parks which improve safety in communities


A significant amount of safety resources are driven by Central Government (e.g. Police, Civil Defence, NZ Fire Service). A Council advocating for safety should thus be able to work with Government regardless of who sits in the Prime Minister's office. 

In Council, I will seek to improve our relationship with Government through: -

  • Respectfully engaging with ministries and the Government, whichever party happens to be in power 
  • Clarifying the roles between community groups and government entities
  • Ensuring business cases provided to request Government support are evidence-based and watertight in their conclusions

Responsible Alcohol Policy

One third of offences committed are influenced by alcohol. Council by-laws and advocacy has a major part to play in reducing alcohol-related crime. 

In Council, I will support responsible alcohol policies such as: -

  • Retaining alcohol bans in town centres
  • Ensuring licensing and compliance teams are properly resourced
  • Advocating for a culture shift to low-risk drinking