Pedestrian access for every Aucklander

There are approximately 4,000 parks across the city - all of which play an important role for our well-being as spaces to relax, enjoy quality time with whanau, and as carbon sinks. These spaces will come under pressure with intensification.

As our city grows, I want every Aucklander to have easy pedestrian access to a green and open area for recreation and appreciation of nature.

If elected, I will work towards


Developing Pocket Parks

Pocket parks make good use of otherwise disused areas and create neighbourhood centres for small events and relaxation.

In Council, I will develop pocket parks through: -

  • Advocating for local boards who wish to turn high-pedestrian traffic areas into pocket parks
  • Encouraging community participation in their design and construction
  • Coordinating the development of pocket parks with that of our walkways and cycleways

Greater Community Participation

Today, volunteer groups like Friends of Maungawhau and Rotary play a very important part in keeping our parks beautiful. I believe Council can do more to encourage the community to volunteer.

In Council, I will support community participation by: -

  • Advocating for a community ranger programme
  • Encouraging collaboration between Auckland's many 'Friends of' societies
  • Engaging frequently with service organisations like Rotary and Kiwanis to determine and communicate the needs of our parks

Unifying Auckland's Park Strategy

Auckland's park system is managed by a multitude of agencies (DoC, Auckland Transport, local boards, etc.) which potentially create inefficiencies. While having a local element is important, coordination between agencies is essential.

In Council, I will get encourage coordination through: -

  • Developing Auckland-wide guidelines for operations and maintenance to cover all parks in collaboration with the various agencies
  • Ensuring the cycleway and walkway network links parks together 
  • Setting up an overarching Parks Authority to unite the various local boards' parks committees
Pocket Park image: Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons