ALBERT-EDEN (MaungawhaU)

The Albert-Eden Local Board is split into two subdivisions: Maungawhau and Owairaka corresponding (conveniently) to the two maunga that make up the Local Board's name. The Maungawhau team consists of two incumbent Local Board members, one great newcomer, and myself.



David and his wife Katrina have been a part of the Albert-Eden community for 35 years. 

He has a legal background, worked in financial planning, and is currently a business owner.

David is very aware of the need to make decisions that are responsible and sustainable for your current and future benefit.


Lee is a long-term resident of Epsom and Balmoral, a current local board member, and Justice of the Peace.

She believes that implementation of the Unitary Plan will mean that focus on our public spaces is critical. 

She will advocate to ensure respect for the built, natural, and historic environment of our area.


Rachel loves the Albert-Eden community and is a current local board member. 

She brings her experience of ten years working as a lawyer and in corporate employment relations.

Rachel will listen to your concerns and act on them. She will ensure that your suggestions are included in the local board decision making process.


You know me well enough from the About Me section, but here's the short summary. 

I have an Engineering degree from the University of Auckland and currently work in the aviation industry.

I really believe Auckland is in serious need of improved governance and decision making, developing practical solutions to the challenges we face. My background leads to a natural interest in effective transport for the community.

Oh, I'm also standing as a Councillor for the Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward