56,000 new homes in the next three years

The recently passed Unitary Plan has ambitious provisions for 131,000 new homes in the next seven years; we will be building more houses in the next three years than we have in the past 10. 

While central Government and developers have to do the legwork, Council still has a major part to play in ensuring the supply of homes catches up to Auckland's growth.

If elected, I will


Improve Consent Times

The Council's target time to process consent applications is 20 days; unfortunately, we are well behind this target.

In Council, I will improve consent times by: -

  • Investing in an electronic lodgement system for submitting consents
  • Using risk-based consenting to speed up minor consents
  • Providing better guidance material to help Aucklanders navigate the consenting process

Keep Infrastructure Ahead

We need to ensure infrastructure grows at the same pace as population growth to minimise gridlock and strain on services.

In Council, I will keep infrastructure ahead by: -

  • Moving ahead with getting Light Rail to the Airport and along our main roads
  • Encouraging infrastructure to make cycling and walking safe alternatives to driving and public transport
  • Focusing on utility coordination to minimise disruption on our roads

Ensure Quality Housing

While fast growth is necessary, we must ensure growth is done with care and responsibly to ensure Auckland stays a livable city.

In Council, I will make sure quality housing is built through: -

  • Incentivising minimum quality standards (e.g. double glazing and insulation) through the consents process
  • Championing community access to parks
  • Maintaining links with the community to ensure your voices are heard