Protecting and remembering our taonga

Our history connects the past to the present - from the kōrero of Māori to the story of European settlement to today's multicultural Auckland. In addition, our beautiful natural landscape is part of our heritage: from the three harbours to the volcanic field.

While we continue to intensify our city to house Aucklanders, we must work to remember the stories, the land, and the people which got us to where we are today.


If elected, I will work to protect our heritage by


Fostering Historical Groups

Volunteer groups such as the Mt Albert Historical Society have been vital in documenting the kōrero of the city. 

In Council, I will encourage the growth of historical groups through: -

  • Extending Council support to community groups
  • Working together with historical societies to inform heritage assessments
  • Further promoting heritage walks as family activities

Streamlining The Heritage Assessment Process

We now no longer have automatic protection of pre-1944 buildings. Thus, it becomes more important to have assessments of various buildings done, but in a timely way so as not to adversely affect the need to build more homes.

In Council, I will achieve this by: -

  • Advocating an accelerated individual assessments process for buildings
  • Partnering with community groups to conduct historical research in their areas
  • Strengthening links with tangata whenua to develop a greater awareness of wahi tapu amongst the general population

Developing Green Spaces with Heritage in Mind

The development of parks together with the community provides a great opportunity to incorporate our history as well as perpetuate our natural heritage.

In Council, I will grow parks by: -

  • Developing pocket parks in collaboration with the community
  • Supporting volunteer networks to assist with tree planting and other environmental work
  • Coordinating with the multitude of agencies which run Auckland's parks to develop a coherent park strategy