Limiting real residential rates growth to 2%

A growing Auckland needs money. Not only to provide the basic services we already provide, but to also develop infrastructure to keep Auckland livable as we grow. However, we must also acknowledge the crippling burden of rates - particularly on ratepayers with fixed incomes. 

We must have the courage to explore and to have respectful debate on alternative funding streams for Auckland's growth.

If elected, I will work towards


Exploring Alternative Funding Sources

We need to diversify our funding stream beyond increasing the rates burden. A robust, respectful debate and analysis will be needed to explore ways to increase the amount of funding Auckland has such as: -

  • Intensification to increase the ratepayer base
  • Financing long-term infrastructure with long-term instruments (e.g. infrastructure bonds)
  • Setting up public-private partnerships (PPPs) where there is an appropriate business case

Getting Maximum Value Out of Council Spend

A growing city will need to grow expenditure. However, I believe Auckland has the ability to optimise our spending to improve service while minimising waste.

In Council, I will maximise value of spend by: -

  • Ensuring new staff are hired only if they tangibly improve frontline service 
  • Investing in technology which are proven to reduce manual work in the back office
  • Further improve collaboration between departments (e.g. sharing health and safety policies)

Partnering with Central Government

Large projects will invariably need Government support - both financial and moral. Thus, we will work in partnership with Government regardless of who sits in the Prime Minister's office. 

In Council, I will seek to improve our relationship with Government through: -

  • Respectfully engaging with ministries and the Government, whichever party happens to be in power 
  • Ensuring business cases provided to request Government support are evidence-based and watertight in their conclusions
  • Remaining open to deal with people to ensure Auckland benefits