20% lower carbon footprint by 2020

Auckland has one of the best city environments in the world. I would like that to remain. In addition, we will need to fulfil our responsibilities as global citizens while ensuring not to impose unreasonable costs on Aucklanders. 

Transport and electricity use make up nearly 70% of Aucklanders' carbon emissions. Councillors thus have a significant role to play in achieving a lower carbon footprint. 

If elected, I will achieve this target through


Alternatives to Driving

Providing Aucklanders with reliable and reasonable alternatives to driving will go a long way to reducing carbon emissions. 

In Council, I will encourage this by: -

  • Ensuring the continued development of the Rapid Transit Network including Light Rail on key main roads
  • Encouraging the construction of safe cycleways
  • Setting up sustainable funding structures for transport projects

More Efficient Homes

The construction of new, well-insulated homes can reduce electricity consumption by up to 9%

In Council, I will support the construction of efficient homes through: -

  • Incentivising new builds to have minimum standards
  • Developing retrofit programmes for older homes
  • Advocating for a strengthened Building Code 

Parks as Carbon Sinks

In addition to reducing emissions through sensible growth, we can use the development of parks to introduce more trees to the city.

In Council, I will grow parks by: -

  • Developing pocket parks in collaboration with the community
  • Supporting volunteer networks to assist with tree planting and other environmental work
  • Coordinating with the multitude of agencies which run Auckland's parks to develop a coherent park strategy