Community Organisations

More Council support for volunteer groups

Commmunity and volunteer groups are the lifeblood of Auckland. They play a crucial role in keeping our society together and I believe we can work together to grow Auckland responsibly.

Through collaboration and providing support, volunteer organisations can assist Council in achieving community-led growth and the objectives of a livable city.

If elected, I will support communities through


Admin Support for Volunteer Organisations

Most volunteers just want to get stuck into work for their cause; but a significant amount of time is spent on administration and organisation. I believe Council can play a role in reducing the administrative burden on volunteers. 

In Council, I will achieve this by: -

  • Providing guidance material for budding volunteer organisations to use
  • Developing a library of 'best practice' tools for community groups
  • Encouraging collaboration between volunteer groups to share knowledge

Collaborating to Achieve Shared Objectives

Volunteer groups are already playing important roles in the city. For example, the 'Friends of' societies help in keeping our parks beautiful. By frequent engagement with community groups, I believe volunteer groups can help us achieve our objectives for a more livable city. 

In Council, I will support community participation by: -

  • Encouraging collaboration between Auckland's societies which share interests
  • Engaging frequently with service organisations like Rotary and Kiwanis to communicate the City's needs and determine where we share objectives
  • Delegating more power to local boards to enable local answers to local issues

Delegating Powers to Local Boards

I believe local communities are best placed to solve local issues. With intensification coming, it now becomes even more important to ensure the community have a voice with a budget to support it. 

In Council, I will look to delegate the following powers to local boards: -

  • 'Character' regulations (non-critical housing items such as hedges, fences, etc.)
  • Design of footpaths, street lighting, berms, etc.
  • Development of community gardens and fruit orchards on Council land